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ABI Entertainment - About Us

Let Our Family Entertain Yours

As the dynamic duo behind ABI Entertainment, we bring over 20 years of combined experience in the entertainment industry to every stage we grace. Our journey began at university, where we both pursued our passion for Musical Theatre and discovered our harmony on and off the stage. From there, our careers intertwined as we served as Butlins Redcoats, later joining the Entertainer department. Our voices united as a singing duo, enchanting audiences on cruise ships worldwide with P&O and TUI (formerly Thomson Gold). Today, we carry our love for entertaining to the heart of the South East of England, where our performances continue to captivate and delight.

Meet The Team


Andy has been a professional Entertainer, singer and guitarist since 2012. He puts on interactive and engaging performances with audiences of all ages around Buckinghamshire and the South East. He's here to put a smile on your face by providing you with quality entertainment to your specifications. He host incredible kids parties, and is also available as a singer and guitarist for private parties and corporate events.​

With a background in classical and musical theatre singing, but a passion for rock and folk music, he can create your perfect event. He also has boundless energy so any children's party will be fun and exciting from start to finish!


Rosie is a seasoned children's entertainer and singer, with a passion for bringing joy to young hearts. With a career spanning over a decade, she embarked on her enchanting journey in 2012. Rosie's talent and charisma led her to become a beloved Butlins Redcoat, where she honed her skills as an entertainer. Her captivating performances have graced stages across the UK during national tours. Rosie's melodious voice has also taken her overseas, enchanting audiences as a singer with TUI (formerly Thomson Gold) in exotic destinations. With a heartwarming smile and a voice that resonates, Rosie continues to create magical memories for children and adults alike.


CTO (Chief Treats Officer)

Meet Milo, the mini schnauzer with a nose for treats and a tail-wagging passion for his role as CTO (Chief Treats Officer) at ABI Entertainment. Milo's bark-in instincts and paw-sitive attitude make him the top dog in the treat industry. He's not just a good boy;

he's a great one!


CSM (Chief Snuggle Manager)

Introducing Scout, the cockerpoo who's fetching the title of CSM (Chief Snuggle Manager) at ABI Entertainment. With her tail-wagging enthusiasm and paws-itively charming personality, she'll cuddle her way into your heart. Scout's mission? To spread joy, one snuggle at a time. She's paw-sitively the queen of cozy!

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